Illegal Sunday 080

This week we introduce a new feature, as it was requested by few clever readers, now we give you the compilation in playlist as well. We post the individual playlists to stay compatible with Hype Machine, but for comfortable listening we give you a playlist as well. You can find the new and shinny playlist at the bottom of the post. Like it? Let us know here.

And about the music, this week we have a brand new one from the living legend of melancholy, Phil RetroSpector!!!

Drumroll, lads and gents here is your weekly dose of mashups, bootlegs and edits, the new episode of our notorious Illegal Sunday series.

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Do you wanna see your edit, remix, mashup featured next time? SUBMIT IT HERE, doesn’t matter if we ‘know’ each other or not ;)

Our picks for this week are after the jump, or in other words, here are the best mashups, edits and unofficial remixes of these days.

and the playlist, as we promised

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Source: audioporn

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